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This Sustainable Home Pays Homage to The Midcentury Modern Aesthetics

February 19, 2022 by AgentImage

Original Article Published by Mid Century Home

This mountain retreat was designed to bridge two worlds with natural ease.

The clients, an active family of five, had been coming to a rental cabin on this lake for years and the time had come where they wanted to build one of their own. The house was designed to unfold in time and space rather than giving away its secrets all at once.

It was also important to the clients that the home provided ample space for children and guests while at the same time not feeling too big when it was just the two of them.

Details include a media room hidden behind a secret bookcase and reading nooks which can be converted into spare sleeping space.

The idea was to create a modern design at home in its surroundings with a ’natural ease’. This home would provide a comfortable, low-maintenance getaway to help focus on enjoying family time and the surrounding environment.

Lake Wenatchee


Lake Wenatchee

We sat down with John DeForest of DeForest Architects to find out more about this stunning wooded home.

What mid century influences did you want to include?

Rather than focusing on the look of midcentury modern design, this house, and much of our work, is inspired by underlying principles—a strong connection between indoors and out, the expression of structure, and a material palette that draws on the home’s natural surroundings.

What were your challenges for this project?

“It was a (wonderful) challenge to make the most of the property, which slopes steeply from the road to the lakefront. We worked hard to site the house sensitively amid the many existing trees and boulders.”

Lake Wenatchee

What in your opinion are the best features of the home? 

“We are happy with how the house manages to embrace qualities that are often thought to be mutually exclusive—rustic and modern, spacious and cozy, warm and simple.”

Lake Wenatchee


Lake Wenatchee

What do you think was so special about the midcentury modern period in American design?

“Having remodeled many classic mid-century homes, I’ve grown to appreciate how well they answer some fundamental human needs and desires—for living in tune with the environment, for abundant and well-balanced natural light, for spaces that provide the right balance of openness and retreat, and for simplicity of many kinds. In these days when many of us are spending more time at home, I think these qualities are more relevant than ever.”

Photos by Ben King Photography