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May 10, 2013 by AgentImage

My husband and I recently decided to buy our first home together in the rapidly escalating, highly competitive Eastside Costa Mesa real estate market. With a budget well below a million dollars, finding an affordable home that fit our size, condition and location criteria sometimes seemed like it would be impossible.

After five months of intensive searching with Todd, we finally found “the” home. Unfortunately, a lot of other people had found it, too. We had limited financial ability to engage in a bidding war, and we were competing with eight other offers. Ugh!

With an agent any less skilled than Todd, I feel we wouldn’t have secured the home. However, I am pleased to say that, because of Todd’s excellent handling of the situation, we are now the very happy owners of the home we “had to have.”

Over the course of our five month search, Todd was 95% super agent and 5% therapist. He made himself so available, always picking up calls, returning texts, making time to meet us at properties and taking time to talk through the pros and cons of various properties, that I sometimes had to stop myself from calling him at midnight. Just because I couldn’t sleep didn’t mean he shouldn’t! The point is, Todd understands the urgency of a buyer and their budget in a hot real estate market, and he was 100% there for us. As for the therapist part—Todd did a great job of remaining calm and helping me refocus (and even regain a sense of humor) when the rigors of a competitive market became overwhelming and/or frustrating.

When it comes time to write offers, Todd is wonderfully thorough, with a keen ability to think strategically about how to structure them. He has a gift for assessing the total situation—market factors, seller considerations, buyer needs and abilities, timing—and writing a strong and compelling offer that wins the deal. We wrote serious offers on two hot properties. Both were multiple counter situations, and in both cases, our offers won.

In sum, Todd is a true real estate professional. He takes his job seriously and it is clear that he strives to deliver for his clients. He delivered for us, and I would recommend him to anyone.


Costa Mesa, CA