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Mid-Century Modern Homes in Orange County, CA

November 2, 2017 by Todd Bousman
Mid-Century Modern home in Newport Beach Real Estate

This gorgeous Mid-Century Modern home in Newport Beach was built in 1961 and showcases the open floor plan that the architectural style popularized. View more details here.

There’s a reason Mid-Century Modern homes are sought after in Orange County. Aside from being architecturally significant, Mid-Century Modern homes fit exceptionally well with the Southern Californian lifestyle – casual yet stylish, seamlessly balancing indoor and outdoor living spaces.

More Than A Time Capsule

Mid-Century Modern homes are more than just chic residences. The movement as a whole reflects a period in history that upended the traditional aesthetics of residential structures, encouraging people to look at the world in new ways.

“The birth of Mid-Century Modern was after the war. The houses had open floor plans and giant sliding-glass doors, which encouraged people to go outside and be healthy… With these walls of glass, children became engaged and open-minded because the environment stimulated the senses in a different way.”

– Sian Winship, president, Southern California Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians,
All About Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Largely built between 1945 and the 1980s, Mid-Century Modern homes have a number of distinct characteristics. Flat planes, open spaces, and floor-to-ceiling windows are just some of its most common features. Clean, simple lines dominated the style, and the post-and-beam technique was used often. The most popular construction materials for Mid-Century Modern residences include raked concrete, wood, hollow cement breezeblocks, and steel.

The global Mid-Century Modern movement was propelled by a number of notable architects and designers like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius, and Marcel Breuer. In the United States, a forward-thinking group of architects and real estate developers also paved the way for the construction of Mid-Century Modern homes. In California, Joseph Eichler built thousands of so-called “Eichler Homes” all over the state, particularly in Southern California.

Key Elements of a Mid-Century Modern Home

Spurred by the demand for low-cost postwar housing and the popularity of the Bauhaus and International movements, the Mid-Century Modern home emerged to become a popular architectural style in the United States – and interest in the style hasn’t waned since then. Mid-Century Modern breaks away from traditional style elements, opening the home to the world outside.

    • Flat planes. Mid-Century Modern homes are all about clean and uncomplicated geometric lines.


    • Floor-to-ceiling windows. Large windows and sliding glass doors play a key role in Mid-Century Modern homes – bringing the outside in and enabling abundant natural light to pour into inside spaces.


    • Post-and-beam technique. This construction method eliminated the need for heavy walls and opened the home, creating large and open living spaces.


  • Split-level spaces. A common feature of Mid-Century Modern homes is the presence of short sets of stairs to create staggered floor levels. Cabinets and partial walls in different heights add more depth.

Where to Find Mid-Century Modern Homes in Orange County

Orange County is home to large collections of Mid-Century Modern homes. In addition to the Eichler homes located in Orange, you will also find beautiful Mid-Century residences in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Corona del Mar, and other Orange County cities.

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