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Kathy Donovan

April 10, 2011 by AgentImage

“I recently bought a home and my realtor was Todd Bousman. Actually I really don’t like to refer to him as “my realtor”, because he was more than just your average “realtor”. He became a friend. He cared not about the money he would make from finding me a house, but more importantly about the journey in finding the “right” house for me. He wasn’t concerned about how many houses I needed to see or how far I wanted to go to find the right one. He was more concerned that it was the right one in the right area for me. Todd, dispite my frustrations, and discouragement, and worry sometimes, thinking I may not ever find the right home, never gave up on me, nor did he let me be discouraged. When I felt like that, he assured me that I would in fact find the right home, and would not stop looking until we found it. In the end after 6 long months, we found it, the perfect home for me. Without Todd to help me, guide me, and encourage me when I needed it the most. I would have never found it. This home I now live in that I really love. So if you are looking for a home and looking for the right person to help you find that home. Then I highly recommend letting Todd help you find the home of your dreams, because he won’t give up, nor will he let you until you do.”

Thanks Todd,

Kathy Donovan
Eastside Costa Mesa