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Buying a mid-century home in Orange County requires skill and perseverance. These gorgeous homes are highly coveted and the market can get competitive. Before you commit to the buying process, here are a few tips to bear in mind:

  1. Set your budget

    Start your search for a mid-century home in Orange County by reviewing your finances. Sit down with your preferred lender or banker and discuss your financing options. There are several programs that can help you obtain the loan you need to acquire your perfect home in Orange County. You can also explore options for down payment assistance.

    When it comes to financing, it’s essential to remember that you shouldn’t go for the most expensive home you can afford. Consider mortgage payments, taxes, and other expenses associated with homeownership.

  2. Shop for a mortgage independently

    Your chosen lender or banker will recommend mortgages. Before you accept, do some independent research. Look up current mortgage rates online, then get in touch with a few mortgage brokers or lenders and ask for their fees. You should only pick a mortgage plan once you’ve made comparisons.

  3. Get pre-approved

    Your offer for a mid-century home in Orange County will most likely meet some competition. There are, however, a couple of ways to make your offer look more attractive. One of these is to get pre-approved for a loan. A pre-approval sends the right message to sellers: “I’ve done my research, and I can afford the house.”

    Obtaining pre-approval may be a challenge to some. If so, settle outstanding balances, improve your credit rating, and avoid making big purchases to increase your chances of getting pre-approved.

  4. Hire a specialist

    Don’t just settle for any real estate agent based in Orange County – go for one who specializes in Mid-Century homes in the area. Mid-Century homes are more than just style, and if you’re particularly interested in purchasing an architecturally significant property, the expertise of a specialist will prove to be especially helpful.

    Other factors to consider when choosing an agent include their track record and the ease with which you can communicate with them. Make sure your agent is aligned with your goals.

  5. Look at neighborhoods

    Although Mid-Century homes abound in Orange County, that doesn’t mean they’re everywhere. Narrow your home search to communities with a large concentration of Mid-Century homes up for sale. This is one of the instances a local specialist will come in handy. Keep your budget in mind and make compromises when necessary.

  6. Ask questions about the property

    Let’s say you’ve found a Mid-Century home that ticks all the boxes in your wish list. Do you make an offer straight away? You might be tempted to do so but it’s prudent to ask some questions first. Inquire about the property’s history, the renovations and upgrades that have been made, and documents that prove the home meets all the latest building codes. Another option is to invite an expert on Mid-Century homes to assess the property before you make an offer.

    At bouHAUS our top priority and role is to protect our client through this very important transaction.

    You should also ask whether you can make additions to the home and if the property has some historical significance. Some home buyers take the responsibility of being stewards of Mid-Century homes, preserving these architectural works of art for future generations.

Buying and selling Mid-Century homes in Orange County is bouHAUS Properties’ expertise. For more information,

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