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A Mid-Century Modern Makeover in Los Angeles

November 29, 2022 by AgentImage
Linear sight lines and a game-changing terrace revamp a midcentury home in the Pacific Palisades.
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Located in the Pacific Palisades, the original structure (left) had been virtually untouched for over 40 years; architect Kevin Southerland recently renovated it with an eye for preserving its “good bones” and gently updating it with eco-friendly materials. A new layer of painted cement board (right) now coats the exterior, lending it long-term durability and resistance to decay.


Striated wood paneling and new skylights give light and dimension to the renovated entryway.


“By removing a few interior walls, reconfiguring a couple of others and opening up the kitchen/living/dining areas, we were left with a wonderfully livable floor plan with a great balance of public and private space,” says Southerland. A large, open galley style kitchen and mirrored planes of wall paneling visually expand the home’s interior perspective.


“The rear yard, given the property’s limited size, presented more of a conundrum,” says Southerland. “We came up with the idea of using the roof of the garage as a roof deck to add useable area to the rear.” Taking advantage of the gently sloped site, he built a series of terraced bleacher-style seating above and around the detached garage, doubling its roof as an additional terrace, and effectively bridging the backyard space into one multi-level whole.


A view of the completed renovation; from the street, the open amphitheater-style courtyard appears as a simple wooden addition, privately tucked away. Wood slats, exterior cladding, and the new trellis all combine to form a linear motif.