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20 Faux Fireplace Ideas to Warm Up Your Space

October 28, 2022 by AgentImage
Katie LeClercq

Dreaming of cozying up to a fireplace but don’t have the budget or floor plan to add a real one? You’re in luck. There are plenty of ways to add a non-operational fireplace to your space that’s guaranteed to deliver all the cozy feels and visual fire effects (minus the expensive installation or upkeep).

So don’t let the “faux” part fool you—this design element can be just as stunning and welcoming as the real thing. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite faux fireplace ideas that may just inspire your next redesign.

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Go Botanical

Botanical faux fireplace

Sometimes a greenhouse or indoor/outdoor sunroom can use a faux fireplace too. Fill it with fresh flowers in spring or include a freestanding wood stove for a utilitarian addition that’s equally beautiful.

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Try a Traditional Mantel

Abitare Studio

Use a faux fireplace to layer in architectural beauty to a jaded space (and why not plop one into a master bathroom?), by building a DIY mantel or buying a pre-made one. Then, close it off with an antique decorative metal screen or elevate its look by styling it with pillar candles or baskets.

To achieve a cohesive design, it’s best to pick a fireplace style that complements the architecture of your home. Picking an ultra-Victorian look when you live in a modern loft, for example, may create a mismatch.

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Paint Your Shiplap Navy

Brexton Cole Interiors

Faux fireplaces may lack a real fire, but their sleek appearance compensates for this element. Doubling as an eye-catching focal point and an opportunity to blend in a TV, achieving this bespoke look is simple. Start by installing an electrical fireplace (that stimulates real flames), Then, enclose it in a ceiling-high mantel covered in shiplap, and soak the whole unit in a bold hue.

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Boho Stove Mantel Combo

Home by Polly

Imagining something less bold? We love the subtle color and neutral tones that give this boho space a relaxing vibe. Though its fireplace is non-operational, its freestanding electric stove can provide ample heat when the temperature drops. Either way, this tiny focal point is definitely making a statement.

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Wood & Black Brick

Arbor & Co.

For one of the best living room ideas, add a faux fireplace made from wood and brick (real or faux) to mimic a real fireplace. Attach built-ins on both sides for a symmetrical aesthetic that feels serene (and provides storage). To polish the whole look, nestle in a few pieces of natural wood inside the firebox.

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Cabin Feel

Rustic faux fireplace

If you’d rather not go for any stone or brick fireplaces, a rustic wood fireplace mantel in brown will always yield a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Plus, you can effortlessly layer brown in any living space.

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Victorian With a Twist

Bespoke Only

Brown aside, faux fireplace mantels can make any space feel welcoming, even if its sole purpose is to display collectibles, antiques, or artwork. In this Victorian iteration, you may notice its whimsy hearth is full of animal pictorials, including a cow and moose.

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Blend It In

Becca Interiors

For a less ornate, minimal look instead, paint your faux fireplace the same color as your wall but make it pop with an intricate structure. Decorate your firebox with books, flowers, or pick an idea from one of these infinite décor possibilities.

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Use a Dark Black Stone

Ashley Montgomery Design

To add this statement feature to your space, use a dark black stone to encase a vertical herringbone pattern in a contrasting color. This simple design technique makes for a handsome focal point that can either lend a modern or classic feel, depending on how you style the full space.

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Stack It High

Katie LeClercq

For an eye-catching element, stock your fireplace with wood to fit the height of your firebox. This easy and inexpensive addition adds a load of texture and visual appeal to an otherwise stark white space.

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Use It for Storage

Pure Salt Interiors

Lacking space? Use your faux fireplace to hide unsightly clutter by adding baskets that span the width, depth, and height of your structural insert. Or, stay decorative: add a cozy throw over a wicker basket, artistic sculpture, or perfectly arranged wooden spheres instead.

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Try Stark White Brick

Studio Peake

For another faux fireplace idea that will cozy up your living space, deck the whole unit in white brick and top it off with a stack of wood slices inside its firebox. This easy-on-the-eyes design concept will complement just about any décor, style, or color, so you’ll never need to worry about it becoming outdated.

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Go Minimal With Black & White

Desiree Burns Interiors

Looking for one more classic style that never tires? Pick a black marble border encased in white wood. If you have a neutral palette, this focal point will draw the eye in and add just the right amount of visual interest.

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Try Geometric Black Marble

Jessica Nelson Interior Design

For a more streamlined version of a black marble fireplace, trade in an ornate wooden mantel for a simple, straight-edged geometric border instead.

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Dark Navy Marble

Katherine Carter

If black isn’t your color, scout marbles with different undertones like this firebox bordered in marble with a tint of blue peeking through. This contemporary look will never feel overwhelming and mesh well with most home styles.

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Matching Faux Mantel

faux fireplace in a living room

If you happen to install a faux mantel, paint it the same color as your walls for a seamless look. Place tall pillar candles inside to mimic the feel and look of a flame (just be sure to place a tray or fire-safe material down below for easy cleanup and saftey).

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Make It a Standalone

Reena Sotropa

This extra-tall electric version of a real fireplace moonlights as an accent wall and room divider. Its thin, beautiful wooden panels juxtapose with a dark grey and white veined marble, creating a soothing focal point.

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Complement the Room With Carrara Marble

Katie Martinez Design

Another Victorian iteration tops our list, but this version is bordered in Carrara marble. Carrara marble is always a winner in our design book, because not only can it complement any design style, it’s a luxury stone that’s been used for centuries.

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Try Ceramic Tile

Zinkevych | Getty Images

You can pick just about any tile to modernize an outdated fireplace hearth. Here, you’ll notice 4×4 creamy grey and white tiles that don’t stop at the mantel but reach all the way to the ceiling. This technique makes this intimate seating area look taller (and feel more contemporary).

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Stacked Brick

A white room with a stacked brick fireplace

Stack real or faux brick to create a small faux fireplace. Lay wood slices inside its firebox and add battery-operated lights (string or individual) to create the ambiance of a real fire.